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Getting the complete picture with Driver ID

When your mobile employees share a vehicle, it can be difficult to establish who bears responsibility for particular events or who deserves the credit for a good driving record. With Driver ID, these concerns are a thing of the past. You’ll have comprehensive tracking and driving records not only for each of your vehicles, but for each of your drivers.

Sean Maher Quartix

Meet the Team – Sean Maher, UK Field Sales Manager

In this meet the team interview, we talk with Sean Maher, UK Sales Manager at Quartix. He tells us about his 10+ years in the company and a bit about his life outside work.

Four key benefits vehicle tracking offers to drivers

A lot has been written about the benefits of telematics for businesses and company owners, but vehicle tracking also offers valuable support to the people who drive a company’s trucks, vans or any other vehicles. Far from being a surveillance system implemented to punish employees, here are four ways that vehicle tracking can help drivers improve their skills, protect them from false claims and keep them safe out on the roads.

Meet the Team – Kristen Roach, Marketing Executive

In this meet the team blog post, we talk with Kristen Roach in the Quartix Marketing Team. Kristen tells us all about life at Quartix, her experience in different teams and her love of theatre.

Andrew Kruzel

Meet the Team – Andrew Kruzel, Account Manager

In this Meet the Team post, we talk with Andrew Kruzel from our Chicago team. Andrew tells us all about working for Quartix, handling telematics-related issues and his love of sports.

Grant Herrejon

Meet the Team: Grant Herrejon, Installations Coordinator

In this meet the team post, we talk with Grant Herrejon, our Installations Coordinator based in Chicago. He tells us all about DePaul University, his love of Dodgeball and what it's like to work for Quartix.

Business versus personal mileage: Are you compliant with HMRC regulations?

As an employer offering the use of vehicles to employees, a very important step to ensuring HMRC compliance involves something called ‘benefit-in-kind’ tax.

Meet the Team – Matthew Rowbottom, IT Technician

This time, we chat to Matthew Rowbottom in our IT department about working at Quartix, helping out each and every team, as well as life in Wales.

Lewis Varley

Meet the Quartix Team – Lewis Varley, Accounts Administrator

Alys Smith, our HR Generalist, interviews Lewis Varley from the Quartix Accounts Department. In this 'Meet the Team' blog post, we learn a bit more about him and his role as Accounts Administrator.

Barry Shafe chats with Alys

Meet the Quartix Team – Barry Shafe, Technical Support Analyst

Next in our Meet the Team series, we talk to Barry Shafe, Technical Support Analyst, for an overview of his role in the support team and to learn a bit about him. This blog post covers everything from team work at Quartix and Barry's love of music through to life in Newtown, Wales.

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