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Fiona Dingley

Meet the Quartix Team – Fiona Jones, Sales Administrator

This week, Quartix HR Generalist Alys Smith talks with Fiona Dingley, Sales Administrator, about team spirit at work and how Quartix has helped sponsor her continuing education.

Introducing the new ‘Plug and Track’ Quartix self-install option

If you're anything like Meg, you may have been finding booking tracking device installations less convenient as your business grows and you have increasing numbers of leased delivery vehicles to manage. Whether you’re considering vehicle tracking for the first time or you already use it for some of your vehicles, we outline some of the benefits you will enjoy with the new Quartix ‘Plug and Track’ self-install option.

Meet the Quartix Team – Ian Pawley, Head of Support

Quartix’s HR Generalist, Alys Smith, recently sat down with Ian Pawley, Head of Support, to discuss football, Quartix’s exceptional staff, and the cakes that were brought in for Cupcake Day in support of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Telematics blog

Defining vehicle tracking and telematics

You may have found yourself wondering what the difference is between telematics and vehicle tracking. Both terms seem like they should be interchangeable… but are they? This blog post will demystify the two terms and outline the many benefits that using these technologies can bring to your organisation.

Meet the Quartix Team – Kirk Foster, Sales Executive

HR Generalist Alys Smith speaks this week to Kirk Foster, Quartix Sales Executive, about how finding an unexpected career path can lead to a rewarding work environment.

Meet the Quartix Team – Huw Turnbull, Technical Support Team Leader

Alys Smith, our HR Generalist has been interviewing Quartix staff to learn more about what it’s like to work at Quartix. This time, Alys is speaking with Huw Turnbull, Technical Support Team Leader.

Meet the Quartix Team – Selena Davies, Head of Operations

This week, Alys Smith, HR Generalist, speaks to Selena Davies about her 13 years with the company,

Meet the Quartix Team – Anne Barade, French Operations Manager

Alys Smith, Quartix’s HR generalist, talks this week to Anne Barade, who heads our French operations team, about working for a British company in Wales.

Meet the Quartix Team – Alison Ashley

This week, Alys talks to Alison Ashley, Quartix’s Customer Resources Manager.

Meet the Quartix Team – Sam Taylor-Green

Alys Smith, Quartix’s HR Generalist, talks this week to Sales Operation Manager, Sam Taylor-Green.

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