Driving style

Feedback is provided to drivers using both a browser-based dashboard and a mobile app. The image shows one example of a browser-based dashboard, with the following key elements displayed:

  • Policy mileage and mileage used so far – An important indicator for drivers where the programme is priced on mileage
  • Overall driving score – Shown as a single score combining each of the parameters related to accident risk, namely: speed, acceleration, braking and time of day.
  • Summary information is provided for each of the elements listed above, to help drivers understand which aspects of their driving are having an impact on their overall driving score
  • Last seven trips – This provides a useful summary of the last seven journeys recorded, together with an overall driving score for each one

The default presentation for the driver dashboard shows the policy year to-date, but the user can also select individual months, to gain a better appreciation of whether his or her score is improving over time.


Fast GPS and accelerometer for greater accuracy

GPS data is measured 10 times per second

The TCSV11 uses the latest in GPS technology, combined with a fast, ARM-based processor, to record location, speed and vehicle heading accurately at 0.1 second intervals. Compared with traditional GPS sampling of once per second, this makes a major contribution to data accuracy, as the diagram below demonstrates.

Accelerometer data is measured 100 times per second

The TCSV11 incorporates a high-resolution tri-axis accelerometer which measures +/- 8g in each axis, at 100 times per second. The accelerometer is capable of sampling at up to 800Hz, providing ample scope for future system enhancement.

Acceleration and braking scores are calculated every second

The acceleration and braking of each driver is monitored every second of each journey, using speed data gathered from the GPS receiver every 100ms. By using an algorithm which monitors the increase in a 10 sample moving average of data the TCSV11 significantly reduces transient errors caused by multipath and other known GPS characteristics.


Leading edge technology

Accurate monitoring of driving style requires leading edge technology, and the Quartix TCSV11 represents the latest generation of our telematics systems and the culmination of more than 15 years of product development. All of our technology is developed in-house at development centres in Cambridge, Leatherhead and Bishop’s Waltham, near Southampton.

We monitor and score driving behaviour in terms of acceleration, braking and speeding. Speeding is covered in more depth on the next page.

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