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Over 6,000 telematics systems installations each month are managed by our fleet and insurance business teams using our network of more than 200 UK installers

Quartix Vehicle Tracking is one of the UK's leading and most established suppliers of vehicle tracking solutions for both the fleet management and insurance sectors. All of the vehicle telematics technology we use is developed by us in the UK, at R&D centres in Cambridge, Leatherhead and Bishop's Waltham.

Currently we install more than 6,000 vehicle tracking devices in the UK each month, using our network of 200 installers: that's equivalent to a new installation at least every two minutes of each working day. These installations are all managed by our insurance and fleet business teams in Newtown in Wales, from where we also handle thousands of customer contacts on behalf of our insurance customers. We supply vehicle telematics systems to 10 major insurance telematics programmes.

Commercial vehicle insurance brings the two aspects of our business together, combining our expertise in the fleet management software and telematics insurance sectors to provide something of real benefit to commercial vehicle insurers and their customers.

If you are a commercial vehicle insurer, our telematics technology offers your customers a proven real time vehicle tracking tool to reduce labour, maintenance and fuel costs. And for you as an insurer it can help in assessing risk and in reducing loss ratios. Here are 5 examples of how we can help your vehicle insurance business:


Quartix vehicle tracking insurance reports

Telematics can highlight the amount of night-time driving and length of journeys for each vehicle and the fleet as a whole, helping to identify risk.

Our vehicle telematics technology can give you really useful insights into how each fleet is operated and managed - for example the length of journeys, the time taken between rest breaks, the average and maximum driving hours for each vehicle, as well as the amount of night driving and where the vehicle is garaged overnight. All of this criteria can have an impact on the risk of accident and theft from the perspective of commcerial vehicle insurance.

If you would like to get in touch about any of the vehicle tracking insurance reports and features described on this page, please call Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director, or Andy Walters, managing director, on 01686 806 663. Or email us at


Quartix vehicle tracking driving style reports

Our driver briefing report shows driving speed, acceleration and braking profiles for each day, giving the driver an overall score out of 100.
Ginsters have consistently reduced fuel costs and accidents by using Quartix telematics technology.

Our customers use our vehicle telematics technology to reduce fuel and maintenance costs and to cut down on incidents. The Quartix vehicle tracking driving style reports show driving speed, acceleration and braking profiles for each day, giving the driver an overall score out of 100. Using this vehicle tracking report and weekly and monthly league tables, our customers achieve impressive results. For example Ginsters recently won the "most improved fleet" award from Commercial Fleet magazine, and they credited the Quartix vehicle tracking system as being one of the contributors to improving driving behaviour across the fleet. They set a minimum acceptable score of 61/100 for their drivers and have now reached a point where 98% of journeys meet that requirement. In addition over 30% of all journeys fall into the excellent category 80/100 or higher. Fuel savings have been 20% and accident rates have reduced, year-on-year, for three consecutive years. Key to achieving these improvements is the involvement of all supervisors and fleet managers with responsibility for mobile workers, and we can even help in this, in providing information about how the vehicle telematics system is used.


Quartix theft recovery for insurance companies

Quartix has a secure call centre which operates 24/7 to recover stolen vehicles for its insurance clients

Our customers have access to their vehicle location information at any time, from any pc, tablet or mobile phone, and we regularly hear of stolen vehicles that our customers have recovered themselves. But with our experience in insurance we go a step further than this: we also have a secure call centre available 24/7 if needed, with all the necessary links to police forces around the country – all that is needed is a crime reference and vehicle registration and then our call centre can take care of it from there with the police.


Vehicle telematics crash detection and analysis

Quartix has extensive experience and expertise in crash detection using telematics, and filed two patents for its technology in 2013

We have been developing our vehicle telematics crash detection technology since 2010, analysing many millions of true and false alerts from our vehicle tracking devices in the field. In 2013 we filed two important patent applications in Europe and the USA as a result. And since then we have continued to invest in the filters and algorithms we use and the knowledge and experience gained have been key inputs to the development of our latest generation vehicle tracking system, the TCSV11, which is now in production. As well as having a very high speed accelerometer, the TCSV11 samples GPS positions 10 times per second, and this allows us to correlate GPS and accelerometer data to improve the rejection of false alerts.


The Quartix safe speed database

The Quartix safe speed database matches each data point to one of more than 2 million road sections in the UK, in real-time, as data is received. It has been shown by many studies that the higher the speed in relation to the speed of other road users, the higher the risk of accident. This particularly applies on rural stretches of road, where the speed limit may actually exceed the safe speed. There is a much more detailed presentation of this telematics technology here.

The Quartix SafeSpeed database matches every telematics data point to one of more than 2 million road sections in the UK

Quartix Vehicle Tracking has a long-established reputation in both the fleet management and telematics insurance sectors. With more than 60,000 commercial vehicles under subscription in the UK and around 100 new fleet tracking customers in the UK joining us each month we are one of the market's leaders in the vehicle telematics industry. If you insure fleets of commercial vehicles then our vehicle tracking system already offers proven financial benefits for your customers, and it could help you work with them to reduce risk and accidents.

If you would like to get in touch about the opportunities of working with Quartix, please call Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director, or Andy Walters, managing director, on 01686 806 663. Or email us at

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