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“The fuel savings alone make the installation of the system worthwhile.”
Graham Jones, Director


Coming back to Quartix

E.O.M is an electrical contractor that started tracking vehicles with Quartix in 2011. In 2014, E.O.M were approached by another vehicle tracking company offering a cheaper price, so they switched, but following disappointment with this new provider, returned to Quartix in 2017.

Watch their story in this short video.

Video transcript

We are EOM. It stands for Employee Owned and Managed. We are the largest electrical contractor in the area and from our base in Newtown, we serve mid-Wales and the Borders.

We’ve had to expand in recent times to meet customer demand. Not only electricians do we employ, but carpenters, plumbers, heating engineers and multi-trade personnel, so that we can provide a one-stop shop for small and larger projects.

We started tracking our vehicles with Quartix in 2011, so that we could identify who was nearest in an emergency job or an extra job came on the system, or if we had a query from a customer about arrival time. The system also helped with the books, as the time on site report could help us cost jobs more accurately and keep tabs on van use.

In 2014, we were approached by another tracking company, offering a cheaper rate so we switched from Quartix. Eighteen months later, we didn’t feel we were getting value for money with that system in place, with over the phone support and just generally unreliable. So we’ve been in touch with Quartix; they’re fitting the 30 vehicles with the new system and going forward, we feel very happy with what they’re providing us with.

They schedule the fitting around us to get the work done and we were very happy with all the arrangements made. The product development at Quartix in that time also means that we can promote safer driving and share information more easily between offices, using the new features. The fuel savings alone make the installation of the system worthwhile.

Knowing we can just pick up the phone and get an answer on the spot or within the day is priceless when you have employee safety to consider and asserts worth thousands on the road. This service has helped the company become more efficient. And you haven’t got to stay by the PC; you can use the mobile app.

I recommend Quartix to any company where staff have to travel around to carry out their work.

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