Global supply chain provider uses Quartix to re-route vehicles

CanuteAnnual cost savings of around £300,000 are being made by the Canute Group, one of the fastest growing global supply chain providers, which has equipped more than 300 of its 750 vehicles with Quartix Pay-As-You-Go real-time tracking.

The £100million company, with sites across the UK and Ireland, turned to Quartix after trialling two systems. The first suffered from a spate of breakdowns the second was removed when the operating company went into administration.

Mark Longhurst, IT manager, explained: “The first system had been installed on our recovery fleet, which operates government contracts. These contracts dictate that we must have a fully operational tracking system so that we can update them as to the whereabouts of a vehicle at all times.” Canute approached Quartix for a raft of reasons, among them the company’s transparent pricing, straightforward pay-as-you-go rental scheme (no long-term contract), potential for cost savings, and the GPS system’s functionality and ease of use.

‘The team bends over backwards to assist’

Mr Longhurst added: “The reasons we chose Quartix are all the above, which have been met fully, and the after-sales support, which has exceeded expectations. In fact, the team, ranging from the support desk to managing director Andy Walters, bends over backwards to assist when needed, which is refreshing.” As for cost savings, Canute’s financial director, Steve Ely, calculated the company saves as much as £1,000 per vehicle per year – an annual total of around £300,000.

‘Depots use the system to re-route vehicles’

Mark Longhurst agreed: “There is definitely a cost saving per vehicle as idle times have decreased and our depots use the system to re-route their vehicles to new jobs whilst they are out on the road.

“In addition, and something I witnessed recently whilst out with one of our clients: there was a query on vehicle movements we had the information to hand and on that particular occasion the system potentially saved us £200-£300.

canute“Also, there has been a decrease in the number of calls made to and from drivers the less time our drivers and other staff are on the phone to each other the more they can focus on other areas of business.”

Canute’s first telematics trials involved just a small number of vehicles, and it was with Quartix’s appointment that a full deployment was commissioned.

‘The biggest benefit is Quartix themselves’

The results, said Mr Longhurst, range from reduced costs to added value for customers, which “in itself brings financial benefits, including cost savings and new contracts.”

However, he considers the biggest benefit of using Quartix “is Quartix themselves.” He concluded: “The after-sales support is excellent and we have a fantastic working relationship with the entire team, from the bottom all the way to the top.

“Andy Walters, once said to me that his ‘after sales support was good, how else could a company expect to keep its customers and build a relationship?’ Andy and his team have proved that this is their ethos and it is one which I wish all companies would adopt.” Now, based on its positive experience with Quartix, Canute is working with Andy Walters to develop the systems further and look for more cost and control benefits.

Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be Canute’s chosen supplier of vehicle tracking systems. It is a real pleasure to be working with a company which has such clearly defined requirements, and which uses the system to maximum effect. “We hope to be working with Canute for many years to come, both on the existing system and as we introduce new technology in the future.” tombstone