News: Quartix Granted Queen’s Award for Enterprise

April 21, 2018

Today Quartix, is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the 2018 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation. The award is in recognition of demonstrating innovation and outstanding results in the development of the Quartix SafeSpeed Database. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the UK’s most prestigious business awards, recognising and celebrating business excellence across the UK.

Andy Walters, Quartix CEO said: “We are delighted and honoured to receive this prestigious award in recognition of the development of the Quartix SafeSpeed Database. For several years, Quartix has been gathering data on the average speed on over 1 million road segments in the UK.  The data led to the development of the SafeSpeed Database which helps identify risky driving behaviour based on ‘safe’ speeds as opposed to ‘legal’ speeds. This information is available to our UK vehicle tracking customers to help improve road safety and manage risks.”

When first developed, the SafeSpeed Database allowed insurance providers to identify ‘risky driving behaviour’ in young drivers. This information was consequently used to educate the young drivers how to improve and drive more safely. Quartix now uses this information to provide a ‘Driver Score’ as part of the Driver Monitoring Reports for their vehicle tracking customers. The ‘Driver Score’ is based on the driver’s actual speed on a particular stretch of road, compared with the average speed of other professional road users.

The SafeSpeed Database helps to mitigate risk of accidents and potentially costly vehicle repairs. Academic research has proven that when organisations have a strong safety culture with well-defined policies and procedures, there is a significant positive impact on drivers’ intentions to speed.

For more information about the SafeSpeed Database, a whitepaper is available at

For information about the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, visit


Updated Privacy Controls

December 11, 2017

We have updated our privacy controls to allow our customers to set multiple times when vehicles are not tracked.  

In the past, the monitoring period could be set for all or part of a weekday (Saturdays and Sundays were treated separately), but only a single period could be set for each day. This update allows multiple periods for each day. 

When editing the privacy details for a chosen vehicle, you will still need to choose between Standard, Privacy (defined working hours) and No monitoring, however your options for defining the working hours when your vehicle should be monitored have greatly expanded.

  • If you wish to track the chosen vehicle 24 hours a day, every day, click Standard monitoring. 
  • If you want absolutely no monitoring for that vehicle (for example, if the driver is on holiday and does not want to be tracked), click ‘No monitoring.’ 

However, should you choose to define privacy hours, click ‘Privacy – defined working hours only,’ then begin to set the hours you desire.

  • If you want to track the vehicle every day, but only want to do so during certain hours, use the Everyday option. 
  • If you want to track the vehicle at different times on the weekday versus the weekend, just set the Weekday and Weekend controls. 

For these two options, you will not need to set any other privacy controls, unless you want different hours on certain days. 

If your privacy hours vary more than this, you can either:

  • Choose to set hours for each day separately; or  
  • Define your Everyday or Weekday/Weekend hours, then select the day or days in question and define those specific hours. 

If you, for example, need to set alternate hours for Monday, but not for any other day, the other days will default to whatever you chose for either Everyday or Weekday/Weekend. 

There is no limit to the number of tracking time periods that you can set each day. When one is set, simply click ‘Add monitoring period’ to add another time for that day.

The “Tracking Time” column will total the number of hours that have been set to be tracked in the day. This will account for any overlaps, even though those will be excluded when the Update button is clicked. The purpose of this column is to allow you to confirm that the settings you are creating are what you expected. 

Monitoring periods cannot overlap and if “Update” is clicked then an error message in red will be shown beneath the time boxes where the discrepancy occurred.

As with our current privacy settings, drivers will only be able to tell if they are in a period of monitoring, and when that period will end. They will not be able to see the list of monitoring periods that have been created, although they will still have the option to override monitoring.  


Johnsons Apparelmaster’s driver safety campaign is ‘on track’ with Quartix

November 21, 2017

Leading workwear service provider Johnsons Apparelmaster has announced that it has extended its driver safety campaign to all of its service vehicles, highlighting the company’s commitment to keeping staff who drive in their work as safe as possible on the road. The business has made a significant investment in the Quartix vehicle tracking system for the customer service team, building on the successful rollout of the telematics technology across the sales team’s vehicles over 12 months ago.

Ian Greatrex, National Transport Manager for Johnsons Apparelmaster, said: “During Road Safety Week (20-26th November 2017), is an ideal time to stress the value that we place on the health and safety of our staff. Driving correctly and safely at all times is essential for staff, and is also so very important to their families, the customers, the community and the environment.”

The introduction of the Quartix vehicle tracking system supports the company’s sustainability goals, with the use of web-based tools, to improve driver performance and to reduce fuel consumption. It also enhances customer service by enabling the teams to review their scheduled client visits and to evaluate how much of their time is spent driving against time spent with the customer. The service teams have an individual login which allows them to see their driving data each day. The system provides detailed information on driving styles and speed monitoring with league tables that allow the teams to compare themselves against their peers and to increase their engagement with safe driving.

Quartix rates each driver with a performance-based score by collating data on rates of acceleration and braking. This helps to illustrate any potential driver safety concerns, such as concentration and potential lack of safety awareness. The Driving Style Monitoring feature evaluates the driving style of each driver, including speed, hard braking and rapid acceleration, to encourage an improved style which results in considerable fuel savings. Improving driving style can save up to 15% in fuel savings, and there are additional savings to be made on insurance when the company is able to demonstrate safe driving practices to insurers.

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Quartix named finalist for “Risk Management” and “Safety” awards

November 20, 2017

Owing to the development of our contextual speed scoring system, the SafeSpeed Database, which is dedicated to helping save the lives of young drivers on rural roads, Quartix has been named as a finalist in the ‘WhatVan? Awards 2018,’ in two categories:  ‘Risk Management’ and ‘Safety.’

The SafeSpeed Database is the result of a 6-year development programme. It processes more than 30 million data points per day from over two million road segments on a real-time basis. Every data point is assessed and scored in relation to other road users on the same stretch of road.

Most young driver deaths occur on rural roads, and yet these roads represent less than half the mileage covered. Inappropriate speeds leading to loss of control is one of the main factors: young driver accidents often involve no other vehicles. Having conducted extensive research into the topic, Quartix discovered that inexperienced drivers often fail to reduce their speed when driving along winding rural roads. Andy Walters, Quartix CEO, explains how this is a big mistake, saying, “The problem is young drivers are often taught to drive ‘to the limit’ and this, put simply, is dangerous.”

Very few experienced road users exceed the speed limit on rural roads. In fact, just one in thirty drivers exceeds the national limit by more than 5mph. It is inappropriate speed, rather than excess speed which is the cause of many accidents. The SafeSpeed Database can help educate young drivers in this area. By identifying high-risk driving at an early stage and modifying behaviour through early intervention, many unnecessary accidents can be avoided.

Quartix’s SafeSpeed Database is a unique tool for fleet operators and commercial vehicle insurers to help measure and manage risk, with the goal of reducing road accidents.

We will attend the London awards event on 13th December 2017.  “There’s some quality competition,” says Quartix Managing Director Andy Walters. “But when it comes to road safety and risk management, Quartix has always been an industry-leader.”


Research from Quartix says speed limit is 26% too high on dangerous roads

July 26, 2017

Independent research shows that four in five young driver deaths occur on rural roads¹, but very few drivers break the 60mph speed limit on these roads². So, experienced motorists are setting their own speed limit, well under the official limit, on some of the UK’s deadliest roads, according to new research from Quartix. The study applies to rural, single lane carriageways with a 60mph speed limit. The roads are widely known to be the UK’s most dangerous, with more deaths and serious injuries occurring on them than any other³. It shows that more experienced drivers are aware that it is not always safe to drive at or near the speed limit – something learned over a period of years.

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New appointments at Quartix

January 31, 2017

Quartix Ltd., one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vehicle tracking systems, software and services, is pleased to announce the appointment of two directors to its board: Ed Ralph is appointed as chief operating officer and Lynne Austin is appointed as director with responsibility for the company’s UK fleet operations. Both appointments are effective as of 1st February 2017, and background information on both of them is provided below.

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Quartix shortlisted for Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards

November 21, 2016

Quartix Vehicle Tracking is honoured to be shortlisted in the technology category of the Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards.

Now in their 12th year, the awards were established to recognise the contribution of talented companies within the “mid and smaller cap sector,” described as “playing a central role in the economy,” by Philip Secrett, Head of Company Advisory, Grant Thornton.

During the last 12 months, Quartix has received awards for the research and development of its telematics technology, particularly with the emphasis on speed and driver behaviour, known as the SafeSpeed Database, for the benefit of all users of the system.

Quartix has also expanded its markets in France and the USA. Over 8,000 fleet customers now rely on the Quartix system. Quartix also serves the insurance sector with 12 major insurance brands using its black box technology to reduce risk for younger drivers.



Quartix’s Daily Driver Briefing reports are enhanced by providing a Relative Speed Score for each driver, which is a product of the information gathered from the innovative SafeSpeed Database.

Quartix Sales and Marketing Director Andy Kirk commented, “It is an honour to be included on the Grant Thornton Quoted Company’s shortlist. Quartix has a team of dedicated technical specialist who support our customers, deliver our continuous development programme and keep us at the forefront of telematics technology.”


Third Growth Award win for Quartix

October 14, 2016

Quartix staff at Dering Lines, Brecon, celebrating a third win in the Growth Category of the Powys Business Awards

Quartix staff at Dering Lines, Brecon, celebrating a third win in the Growth Category of the Powys Business Awards

Vehicle tracking specialists, Quartix, recently attended The Powys Business Awards and were honoured to win the Growth Award category for the third time. The business, which recently celebrated its’ 15 Year Anniversary has seen consistent growth and was delighted with the recognition from the Powys Business Award judges.

Since its formation in 2001 Quartix has grown to become one of the UK’s most respected vehicle tracking companies with 127 staff members most of whom are based at the offices in Newtown. Quartix now supplies its product to the UK, France and the USA and installs one of its tracking systems every 1 minute and 40 seconds of the working day.

“Vehicle-tracking is a competitive industry but by designing everything ourselves we can focus on customer needs and react quickly to changes in the sector,” commented Andy Kirk, Sales and Marketing Director. “Constant innovation is the key to continued growth, recent developments such as the Quartix SafeSpeed Database enable our customers to play a part in making our roads safer.

The award is significant when you consider the standard of entrants so I am delight to receive this on behalf of our entire team, it reflects their continued hard work and dedication.”

Quartix vehicle tracking solutions are used by over 8,000 fleets of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, reduce fuel usage and improve the safety of their mobile workforce. Quartix technology is also used by 12 major insurance brands for their young driver insurance programmes.