Specialist contractors make ‘positive’ improvements to fleet safety

FordMWFord Mainwaring are a specialist mechanical and electrical contractor with trackers installed in all their fleet.

Managing Director Jason Shepherd said: “In essence, the Quartix live tracking system has given us the ability to react to emergency call-outs more effectively as we can now send the nearest available engineers to a site. This not only meets our clients’ needs but helps to reduce our fuel bill and, more importantly, our carbon footprint,” he says. “We feel that we are doing something positive with respect to our responsibility for the safety of our workforce, other road users and the environment.”

Jason has found that the system has helped reduce his transport costs in several ways.”We can now collate information for our insurance company,” he explained, “which has assisted us in reducing our fleet insurance bill. And the effect on the vans is to reduce their maintenance and fuel costs, through better fuel economy and less wear and tear”.

fordMainwaringCommenting on how he uses the information from the system, Jason said “We can if needed use the email reports as a back-up to our time sheets. They resolve issues such as confirming on-site times with customers, or clarifying instances when the engineers arrived but had to wait for access.”

The efficient use of his vans means he can get more out of each day. “These days we see the vans in the yard at the end of the day being readied for the next job, rather than it being left until the following morning”.¬†Jason acknowledged that while initially not everyone was happy about the introduction of the trackers, he said that now people just accept it as part of the way the company works and appreciate its importance financially and environmentally.

“We looked at four different systems and opted for Quartix. It offered the best value, does what it claims and doesn’t give us features we don’t need. I like the fact that it’s fitted discreetly out of sight behind the dashboard, as we don’t need anything to tempt a break-in. The cost benefits have been pleasing, in terms of insurance savings, vehicle costs and staff productivity. I really can’t fault the Quartix system.”¬†tombstone