Logistica Facilities Management keeping at its best operational capability with Quartix vehicle tracking

Logistica Facilities Management was founded in 2012 provide a full complement of property maintenance services throughout the UK, ranging from small to large projects of varying complexity. Their service includes rapid response and full refurbishment contracts, I.T. Waste Management and transportation, so they operate a growing fleet of 22 vans and lorries for this purpose.

Logistica started tracking with Quartix in 2013 with the aim of managing engineers more efficiently and monitoring vehicle use, without the need for countless telephone calls to their staff. The demands on the company as part of the rapid response programme made live tracking particularly attractive as vehicles nearest to a site requesting assistance can be identified quickly. The company has been better able to manage expectations, give clearer information and thereby improve customer service.

Director, Andrew Davies has seen benefits from increased awareness of day to day operations. Using the daily vehicle logs and being able to zoom to map location can help create a timeline of events if there is an accident or a query. Andrew Davies comments “We have been able to monitor our engineers better, we have used the tracking system when we have reports of accidents, to establish how our engineers are driving our vehicles.” Other features of the system that Logistica were particularly keen to evaluate included driving style, live tracking and time on site reports.

Out of hours’ usage is an issue for many customers and Logistica was keen to be able to monitor this easily and have the facility to differentiate between work and private mileage to protect the company’s assets. Daily logs provide this in a useful summary and detailed time on site reports can also assist with payroll information and job costing.

Keeping at their best operational capability is critical to Logistica and to this end, customer service from Quartix was important too. “We had excellent communication from the start and throughout the decision process. We were provided with all the information we required and nothing was too much trouble when we asked for further information. We felt that the package was exactly what we were looking for.”