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12 month contract option. Other terms available, please call 01686 806 663
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Real-time tracking

With Google mapping and Street View, tracking is accessed 24/7 via our web-based reporting application.

Update frequency

The update frequency is the time between data points as shown on the route map.

2 mins 1 min 1 min
Driver timesheets

Get Excel timesheets emailed to you automatically. Includes mileage, gas usage, speed info, driving time and time spent at site.

Summarized weekly and daily, shift duration and ‘on-site’ timings are especially useful.

Excel reports

Have Excel reports automatically sent to your inbox!


Free phone and email support for the duration of your subscription. Our dedicated technical and customer support team are always here to help you get the most out of our services.

Mobile App

Need to see your information on the move? Use our mobile app to track your drivers and get key reports.

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Driving style

See driving style reports for individual drivers as well as a ranking table for all your drivers. Spot your best and worst drivers!

Geofencing alerts

Get emailed when a driver leaves or enters a specific area. Set up time-based rules. Locations can be single addresses, or custom geographical zones.

You get unlimited geofences with all of our solutions.

Vehicle Utilisation

Monitoring fleet utilisation in real time. Performance dashboards put real-time business information at your fingertips.


Customisable Dashboards provide real-time reports on vehicle usage profiles (in use, not in use), number of stops made per day, number of vehicles ‘off-site’ (i.e. away from the overnight location).

Fleet Management

Get all your fleet management data in one place with the FleetCheck Fleet Management and Quartix integration. See vehicle and driver documentation, tyre reports, vehicle safety checks, online driver risk assessment and much more.

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Fuel Card Report £1.00
FleetCheck links to mileage recorded by the Quartix tracking system to help you make significant savings on fuel.
Driver ID £1.50
DriverID can be used to either register who is driving or it can be used to report business and personal miles separately. Install: £45
Auxiliary Input £1.50
An additional input that can be connected via the PTO to show when vehicle equipment (e.g. hi-ab) is in use and being powered by the vehicle engine. Install: £25
Panic Button £1.00
A small switch fixed to the vehicle dashboard which when pressed, sends an alert via SMS to any number of recipients. Install: £45
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