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‘Legal Versus Safe’ – Redefining Speed Limits for a Safer Fleet

Drivers who often face work-related time constraints can find themselves speeding or demonstrating risky behaviour, leading to minor violations. These are often seen as being acceptable or necessary in their role.

However, tracking drivers’ offences based solely on the legal speed limit is insufficient because the safe speed for a road may actually be well below the legal limit; this is particularly true on rural roads where data show a disproportionate rate of fatal accidents despite very few drivers exceeding the legal limit on such roads. With a better picture of what speeds are statistically proven to be safe on any given road, versus what is simply ‘legal,’ fleet managers can coach drivers to maintain safe speeds, thereby saving lives and reducing loss ratios.

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  • The impact of ‘safe’ speed as opposed to driving to the legal limit. Speed limits are often a very poor indicator for accident risk, especially on rural roads
  • The Quartix SafeSpeed Database; Quartix is able to provide a ‘driver score’ based on average speed by other professional road users
  • Identify factors associated with ‘risky driving’

Learn more about how you can improve your safety metrics with Quartix telematics solutions.

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