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Rental Term Options Install Setup Monthly Rental Install Setup Monthly Rental Install Setup Monthly Rental
Tracking System
12 months FREE FREE £13.90 FREE FREE £15.90 FREE FREE £19.50
Including Dash Cam
24 months
(Dash Cam installed)
n/a n/a n/a FREE FREE £23.00 FREE FREE £25.60

*** Other contract terms and packages are available. Please call 01686 806 663 to discuss your specific needs.***      

Additional Options Available

The following are available with our InfoPlus and Corporate packages at the time of the initial installation:

Driver Identification – Allows for differentiation between drivers when vehicles are shared by the installation of a receiver on the vehicle’s dashboard and the use of individual, magnetic key fobs. Additionally, there is a further option for a buzzer unit, which will emit a high-pitched noise until a key fob is in place on the receiver.

Ancillary Input – Utilising an extra wire on the Quartix tracking unit, reports can be generated for a variety of ancillary vehicle devices including, but not limited to sweepers, gritters, bin lifts, doors, sirens, or panic buttons. Besides the standard trip information collected by the unit, the report will also contain status information for these apparatuses.

Temperature Monitoring – Alerts customers to temperature changes that could seriously affect their goods and products and provides a report on refrigerator and/or load compartment temperatures for climate-controlled vehicles. Temperature probes are fitted at the same time as the unit.


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General Terms

Prices and Payment - All Rental and Comms* Charges are per vehicle per month, paid quarterly in advance by direct debit. Prices are subject to VAT. Quartix Standard Terms of Sale apply.

Warranty - On-site Warranty for repair or replacement of the system is provided throughout the rental term and for 12 months in the case of purchase. Dash Cam warranty excludes the following consumable items: SD card and internal rechargeable battery.

Terms Applicable to Rental Contracts - You are responsible for the system and the Dash Cam until you return it to us on termination of the rental contract. You may disconnect and remove it from the vehicle yourself, or we can offer this service at a cost of £117+VAT. If the system is lost or damaged beyond repair or you are unable to return it for any reason then you will be charged £175+VAT per tracking unit and £48+VAT per Dash Cam.

Re-installation Charge - The cost of removal and re-installation of each tracking system at the time of vehicle replacement is £97+VAT, provided that both vehicles are available at the same appointment.

*Comms Charge - refers to the communications and service charge.


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