Fuel management

FleetCheck links to mileage recorded by the Quartix tracking system to help you make significant savings on fuel. It also provides:

  • Flexible integration of data from your fuelcard provider for a complete picture.
  • Automatic allocation of fuel against vehicle/driver for accurate costing and MPG breakdown.
  • A range of MPG analysis tools with exception reporting for easy identification of problem vehicles/drivers.
  • Clear visibility of vehicle maintenance issues that are causing excessive fuel consumption.
  • Technology to help you monitor driver behaviour and spot fuel-heavy driving habits.
  • Reliable identification of potential fuel theft.
  • Tools and advice to help you reduce your HMRC liability on fuel expenditure.
  • Accurate CO2 reporting and support with carbon footprint reduction.

Driver management

Driving is probably the most dangerous thing that you ask your staff to do. Road traffic law and health and safety regulations cover driving at work, and the legislation is very clear: as an employer you have a duty of care to safeguard your drivers, and the public who may be affected by their activities. Here’s how FleetCheck helps:

  • Online driver risk assessments: a highly effective, proven risk reduction system for fleets.
  • Assessment covers driver/journey/vehicle risk, vehicle maintenance, driving comfortably and driver behaviour.
  • E-learning programmes bespoke to driver needs for ongoing behaviour management.
  • Topics include safe driving techniques, eco driving, ABS/ESP/traction control, motorway driving and adverse weather conditions.
  • Enabling you to take a proactive stance in driver management rather than reacting to incidents when it's too late.
  • High risk drivers are easily highlighted, for prompt resolution of underlying problems.
  • Safe driving goes hand in hand with longer vehicle life, better fuel economy and lower maintenance costs.

Fleet maintenance and documentation

FleetCheck provides a highly comprehensive range of reports, information and schedules which simplify the task of managing both your fleet and mobile workforce. Here is a selection of the reports and data available:

  • Vehicle maintenance schedules and alerts
  • Vehicle and driver documentation management
  • Financial reporting on all fleet operations
  • Accidents logging, reporting and analysis
  • Mileage and tyre reports
  • Vehicle safety checks

FleetCheck is now incorporated in Quartix’s Corporate option at no additional cost. For more details see here or call us for more details.

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